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We use the power of ideas and creativity to foster growth and change by helping brands connect with their communities through authentic and relevant messages.

With a focus on creativity and innovation, we enter the market with the Village model by building teams of consultants around the individual needs of our customers.

Ultima Petfood
Ultima Petfood

Neverending Chase

Ultima Mini is a specific range for small dogs developed by Ultima to sustain their high vitality. To prove it, the 105m long sideline LED panels of a Serie A stadium featured a 3D-animatedJack Russell, busy chasing live the ball kicked around the pitch.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

Live unpredictably

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid model, the most technologically advanced and modern of all time, fully represents the metamorphosis of the historic brand of "Biscione", which for over 100 years has been based on two pillars: passion and emotion. In a world where technology knows and drives our choices through algorithms, making them predictable, the new Alfa Romeo Tonale shows how instead emotions can still drive us, turning technology into passion.


La forza delle connessioni

In 2022 TIM renews its positioning, introducing the new payoff: The Power of Connections. Connections are understood from both technological and human perspectives. Because the power of TIM's connectivity allows people to interact broadly and profoundly, allowing them to pursue their dreams in every field. In this way TIM empowers the future of Italy as a whole. To powerfully communicate the brand's positioning, TIM relies on a diverse and well-known team of ambassadors: Dolce and Gabbana, Federica Pellegrini, Marcel Jacobs, Matteo Berrettini, the Vieri family, Danielle Madam, and the women's national soccer team. The goal is to speak inclusively, regardless of gender or color, to the entire country. Thus, the format was born. These spokespeople, thanks to TIM's network, intertwine their fates with those of us all and become sources of inspiration and support. Short stories that tell us how meaningful human connections truly are.


Deserti d'Italia

Something abnormal is happening in Italy: deserts are popping. A process that’s been ongoing for years and reached its peak in 2022. And although it might seem impossible, no one knew about it. That's why with Finish, which has been fighting water wastage for years, we have created the first “Travel Guide to the Deserts of Italy” to urge Italians to face this frightening reality head-on. To picture this reality in all its drama we needed an unfiltered perspective. That’s why we collaborated with Italy’s most controversial and provocative photographer of the last 30 years: Gabriele Galimberti. With him we traveled Italy from north to south. The guide’s circulation has exceeded all expectations. It went out of stock and gained coverage throughout all types of media outlets.



Every day, Gen Z spends hours on Tiktok memorizing thousands of choreographies. At the same time, for so many of these kids, the time for a driver's license test is approaching. To support teens through this challenge, Q8 is launching the first driving school on TikTok, using the choreography trend to teach teens the basic movements of driving maneuvers. Created four-handedly by an instructor and a group of TikTokers, the dance routines are very similar to those that kids usually reproduce at home, with the difference that, this time, the moves they will learn will also have a precise utility, helping them pass the driver's license test.


Happy Non Valentine’s Day

Why invite our fan base to celebrate love on the one day a year when everyone already does? Better to focus on the other 364 days. Durex presents Happy Non Valentine's Day: because every day there's an excuse to celebrate love, you just have to look for it.


Shopping Cart

To convey Coop's commitment to providing ethical, healthy and sustainable products for everyone, we launched the Shopping Cart Campaign, starring a cart protagonist that comes alive and improves the conditions of our planet.


Water waste

On the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, Finish wants to raise awareness on water waste through a press campaign in collaboration with the illustrator Andrea Ucini. Wasting water dries up our lands: the invitation is to do our part and save it by avoiding rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

Pasta Garofalo

The World Is Our Sauce

Pasta Garofalo is an open pasta, able to embrace the inspirations, cultures and flavors of the places it finds itself in. A quality we conveyed through the stories of 5 Italian expats who, along with their recipes, became the protagonists of an international campaign showing how Pasta Garofalo is the best departure point to meet the world.


The energy that changes everything

The way we use our energy every day doesn’t affect us only: it has an impact on the future of every inhabitant of Planet Earth. But through our choices we can become the energy that changes everything: this is the message of our new spot for Edison. Together we can make a sustainable world: we have the energy it takes.

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