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At Havas PR we develop purpose driven strategies: we build a value system capable of leveraging brand reputation. We identify a coherent storytelling that can be enhanced across all strategic business areas of the company. We create an emotional bond with consumers, through the involvement and verticality of stakeholders. Our mission is to facilitate, establish, maintain, strengthen, improve and govern the system of relations between companies, organizations and their main interlocutors: citizens, institutions, influencers and opinion leaders, non-governmental organizations, media.

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Sustainability ReportSustainability Report
Sustainability Report


On the occasion of the launch of the third Sustainability Report of the Ferrarelle group, we chose to implement the fruition of the document through the use of augmented reality, a digital technological interactive feature able to reach the final consumer and give an added value both in terms of content and engagement. All this had been enhanced through an integrated visibility plan, which had allowed to reach all the main Ferrarelle stakeholders.


Genova's San Giorgio Bridge Inauguration

To esatablish RINA's role as project manager of the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge, a multimedia media hub was built with informative and digital contents to amplify and enrich coverage of the event. This included images, drone videos and a time-lapse of the entire project. RINA and its top management were involved in numerous live TV and radio broadcasts, as well as several feature articles in newspapers and magazines.


Raising awareness around blood diseases with “Blood Artists”

The language of street art to tell the stories of sickle-cell anemia and thalassemia patients and promote the importance of blood donation. Blood Artists is the project we have been carrying out for Novartis: 10 graffiti artworks in 4 Italian cities and a dedicated social media campaign involving creators, journalists, patient associations and local authorities.


Create a cleaner world

We designed an integrated communication and stakeholder management project for Reckitt Hygiene Italia to transform its business activities towards a more sustainable and people-centric approach. We worked with all business functions, involving Reckitt people and reliable partners who accompanied us on the path of bringing value back to the territory and people.

Fondazione Telethon
Fondazione Telethon

Advisor for the Fondazione Telehon communication

We are Fondazione Telethon’s Advisors for its stakeholder communication, through a plan of cross-media activities, influencer relations and national and local media relations, in order to support the mission of the Foundation, one of Italy’s leading biomedical charities dedicated to the treatment of rare genetic diseases.